What you can expect

  • Your transport will take place only with legal taxi vehicle
  • Fast and reliable call the vehicle taxi - Verified by Customer
  • Freedom to choose the desired taxis –by taxi number request
  • Transport to the destination by the shortest route, of course, unless you wish otherwise
  • Polite and helpful taxi driver attestation of all, impunity and integrity
  • Clean vehicle taxi, the corresponding condition, with proper payment of all mandatory taxi charges
  • Loading and unloading luggage is commonplace
  • Help with getting into and out of the vehicle
  • Receipt from the driver of the paid fare

What you should know and take into account

  • Driving shown on the taximeter must always be paid
  • The taximeter is not a cash register, to the approved instrument without the possibility additionally apply a discount, so the price can not be changed after the ride
  • If it is at all possible, ask that you do not use notes higher value than 20 €.
  • The vehicle taxi is an obligation to bond even in the rear
  • In vehicles taxi is a general ban on smoking and eating and drinking at the time of shipment
  • Please note that your baggage is luggage space, not the seats in the vehicle
  • Only some vehicles provide transportation for your domestic animals, and so your desire to tell now when ordering
  • Transport your domestic animals is possible "only" in a special crate, or in the luggage compartment or on the floor of the vehicle, not seat !!!
  • You are always responsible for damage on the vehicle caused by you or your pet
  • If you want to carry bulky cargo or otherwise problematic, we will provide cargo surcharge