Services offered by us


Standard Services:

  • Taxi Services in Poprad and beyond (controlled Dispatching) the possibility of providing a plurality of identical vehicles to the client's request
  • Ride on a clean vehicle without technical problems
  • in all vehicles, smoking is prohibited
  • shortest possible route to your destination (or according to client)
  • full service airport - airport transfers, transportation from the airport
    - we are the official taxi of airport Poprad-Tatry
  • loading and unloading baggage is course
  • assistance boarding and disembarking clients if necessary (the elderly, disabled ...)
  • There are also baby seat cushions according to the standards of the European Union
  • accounting transparency - clear proof of payment, which contains all the information required
    contracting transport for companies and organizations

Special Services:

  • courier and transport of small consignments
  • all-day car rental with driver (for hours, days) at a predetermined price. Prices are determined by the class of car selection to your liking (see list)
  • Hire a driver for your drive -DRINK service
  • the hotels provide pick-up and collection of customer stations
  • pick up your children without parental presence at your desired location
  • pick up 6 passengers with it equipped vehicle

    For all vehicles is commonplace air conditioning, safety features and good technical condition of guaranteed annual parade for inspection.

    Drivers are regularly trained and are in possession of all the necessary documents and permits, which includes the work of professional drivers. Did the psychological and medical examinations. We're constantly working to improve the quality of services provided.